Hello I'm Simon

I am a brand identity designer and a teacher. I am passionate about building or improving brands that strive to reflect their purpose. I love taking my clients to a creative journey, explaining the importance of a brand identity and how it can help them spread the brand’s message to the right people.

brand identity designer

Brand Strategy & Graphic Design, two sides of the same coin.

I never considered Graphic Design and Brand Strategy as two distinctive parts. Being a person that lives and breathes brands, I am a firm believer of unified brand strategy and graphic design. Should these two parts work hand in hand, then the brand is on the right path to reveal a consistent identity.

A robust and meaningful brand strategy along with a clean and purpose-driven visual identity are the instruments to convey the right message and trigger the desired emotions of your targeted audience. I have a passion for creating unique and powerful brand identities. Simonbranding helps you define your brand, who you are and how to appeal to and communicate with your audience.


Discover - Plan - Design - Deliver


Once your request is received, me and my team set up a virtual or a face-to-face meeting to discuss your business goals, timelines and budget. This step is mainly used to get clarity on current business problems and fully understand your goals. This will allow us to suggest solutions tailored to your business needs.

Finally, provided that we are both a good fit, we sign a contract (scope, deliverables, timelines) and our project begins once the initial deposit is secured.

Brand Strategy

Through a brand intensive workshop, we define together your business goals and create a brand roadmap. This is our brand strategy guide. We clarify your brand’s purpose, it’s personality, target audience through ideal client profiles, and positioning. The brand roadmap explains how to get from where we are now, to where we want to be.

Findings from the workshop and the brief are gathered and we start an extensive research. Images, textures, illustrations, typography, patterns, colour examples are collected and collated into different stylescapes (initial concepts). At this step, you get a feeling of how your brand may look and feel like.


Delivery of several concept directions based on the stylescapes and the brand strategy session enhanced with mockups to see how your visual identity works in real life. You then provide your feedback and the brand identity is refined to perfection.

The ultimate goal is to create unique experiences with every touchpoint and that is why we design, each specific element of your brand identity, tailored to your brand’s needs.

A brand identity package, includes: primary and secondary logos,  a colour palette, typography, patterns, illustrations, stationery and packaging included in a brand guidelines document.


After signing off the designs, you are billed for the remaining balance. Once we receive the final payment, we share the final deliverables (i.e. the designed assets in Digital, Print and Vector formats) along with the brand guidelines document that will ensure your brands stays ON-BRAND.

Our long-term relationship of course does not end here as we check how your business grows and arrange follow-ups to ensure that your brand is on the right track!


Crafting your branding process - Create a colour palette

In this class I cover some key topics around colour such as:
- Colour theory
- How to find inspiration
- How to create your own colour palette
- How to make the most of the Adobe Suite, converting your palette to different colour profiles and adding it to the Adobe library

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