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The challenge

We were assigned to create a brand that reflects the quality of the services that Avlos offers.

The owners shared their need for a refresh of their visual identity that keeps up with their current situation in the market.

our approach

Following the brief and the strategy workshop that initiated the creative process, five different directions were shared in the moodboards phase. The chosen one reflects premiumness, the nature of their elite team working together towards their clients' goal, as well as an unexpected essence.

Copper is one of the main brand colours that will also be used as a texture in printed items e.g. copper foil in their business cards.

Being aligned in the moodboards phase, we worked on their brand identity, remaining loyal to the brand values, and their brand positioning.

the concept

A geometric "A" is their new symbol.

For their horizontal version of the logo, the symbol becomes part of the logotype to avoid repetition and add character to the logo. In the stacked version, the A symbol is distinct from the logotype.

We also created a short version with the letters AVL as well as a circular alternative. In addition, we created a series of visual templates, such as presentation decks for internal and external use.

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