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The challenge

Squelch Wellies is a playful concept.

It’s about transparent wellies with socks to match every mood and every outfit for children that love to express themselves!

We were commissioned to create a new brand from scratch.

our approach

As a fast growing brand, we had to create a brand identity that would remain relevant even after the expansion of the product offering.

Squelch is a quality brand.

Our socks are cotton rich, thick and cosy. Proper welly boot/ski socks. Our boot is transparent with a great tread on the sole.

Squelch is a fun brand.

With a variety of funky bright socks, children have a great time choosing the socks and creating new welly boot looks for themselves.

Squelch is an ethically manufacturing brand.

Having a great relationship with their manufacturers, all of whom rate highly in human resource audits and I have established manufacturing lead times.

Squelch is an environmentally conscious brand.

Squelch boots arrive in a 100% recyclable material drawstring bag instead of the wasteful shoe box. We encourage our customers to recycle after use, hand down, give to charity or use as planters.

Squelch is a charitable brand.

10% of their net profits from online sales purchase eggs which go directly to those in need at the largest food bank in the UK the Newcastle West End food bank.

We created a brand identity that keeps these values in the forefront of what they do.

the concept

For the brand identity we combined a clean but expressive logo that represents the meaning of Squelch with bold and vibrant colours.

Recycled paper has been used in all the printed materials such as business cards and leaflets. Playful illustrations have been designed to enhance the fun aspect of Squelch as a brand.

Squelch has become a brand with products from babies to even grownups. Squelch on every step!

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