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The challenge

We were tasked to create a new brand identity for distinto, one of the most prestigious bar restaurants in the city of Patras.

Due to the extensive portfolio of services that distinto offers, it was crucial to align the different services under one main direction, ensuring alignment and a unified message.

From the heart of the city, to the enchanting Rio... The distinto, starring for years in the dining areas of Patras, offers a range of accessible amenities like no other. From the sunny mornings by the sea, the unique coffee, the rich brunches and hearty snacks, to the state-of-the-art dishes and fresh cocktails. All together make up the distinct image of distinto. In two spaces with excellent aesthetics and design, next to the most pleasant staff, renowned chefs, bartenders, baristas & djs, live the ultimate experience of flavors and entertainment. Welcome to distinto.

our approach

Respecting the heritage and the brand name of distinto, we aimed to create a new logo that would be more recognisable and easier to be used in various applications.

the concept

With obvious influences from Japanese culture, the brand direction consists of a mixture of eastern and Western cultures.

Earthy colours and simple lines, with a flair for experimentation in typography.

In photography, lights and shadows are used to reflect the natural elements and the love of distinto for the environment.

Our packaging is treated as a tool for environmental awareness messages in order to inform.

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