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The challenge

We were designated to create a brand that reflects the quality of the product.

The range launched with 3 different types of cleaning solutions plus a hand gel.

our approach

Following the brief and the strategy workshop that initiated the creative process, two different directions were highlighted in the moodboards phase. The chosen one gives special attention on Pure & Premium. Clean lines, and unexpected combinations for a cleaner. Aiming to make users and owners of the product feel proud to own the product and desiring to show it off.

Drawing inspiration from different industries such as cosmetics, perfumes and premium spirits, we proposed a packaging with an appearance to excite the user.

Regarding the typography, a serif was paired to a sans-serif typeface to evoke a classic yet modern feeling. Monochromatic colours are used to emphasise the unique ambient bottle.

the concept

The crown symbolises authority and quality.

The symbols of earth, fire and wind are inspired by the 4 elements and are paired to each of the 3 cleaning products.

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